Retired NBA player Alonzo Mourning has been traveling to Haiti every two weeks to assist the victims of the tragic earthquake that shook the country this past January.

Mourning is working with University of Miami’s Project Medishare- a nonprofit organization has been working for over 20 years to improve health care in Haiti.

The organization has raised over millions for this purpose, but has noted that Haiti has been suffering from hunger, disease and a contaminated water supply even before the tragic earthquake.

Mourning made the trip this past Saturday, along with NBA players Tim Hardaway, Rudy Gay, and other members of the Heat.  Volunteers of the program generally stay for seven days, because according to Medishare- anything longer than that becomes tougher to bear.

“These are human beings,” says Mourning to The Associated Press. “These are children that are suffering, that need help. That’s what moved me to come, to do this, to continue to provide help as much as I can and continue to reach out to others, so others can be made aware that they, too, can play a part.”

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