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Afroman has been laying low since he was last seen punching a happy-go-lucky female fan at his concert, but like every man who hits women, his day in court has come.

Reports Sun Herald:

Rap artist Afroman has been fined $330 and ordered to undergo anger-management and impulse-behavior counseling for punching a woman who jumped up on stage during his concert at Kress Live on Mardi Gras night.

Biloxi Municipal Court Judge William “Gig” Tisdale also ordered six months in jail but suspended jail time in lieu of probation for six months.

The judge sentenced Afroman on a guilty plea to simple assault Thursday.

The incident the night of Feb. 17 was quickly followed by spectators posting YouTube videos. The woman reportedly wasn’t the only person to jump on stage while the Grammy-nominated entertainer performed.

Afroman appeared before the court in purple-and-white alligator-texture shoes with small alligators on the toes, with his attorney doing the speaking, court observers said.

The entertainer’s real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman.

“We cannot untangle the circus that brought us to this moment, but Kress Live did not live up to its legal obligations to provide adequate security for its entertainers and customers,” said Rufus Alldredge, the judge’s attorney, to whom the city court clerk had referred the Sun Herald for comment.

“That place was a free-for all.”

Afroman may have skated out of the jail time lane but the victim, Haley Byrd, suffered a concussion, so a lawsuit may be on the horizon.

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