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Afroman's home was raided by Ohio cops allegedly looking for drugs and evidence of kidnapping and human trafficking; they found none.


Afroman has been laying low since he was last seen punching a happy-go-lucky female fan at his concert, but like every man who hits women, his day in court has come.

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The past week of unsolicited press has taken its toll on Afroman’s sanity and he abruptly announced his retirement as a result.

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When it rains, it pours. And the storm is currently drenching down on Afroman’s microphone top because he’s losing money after he lost his cool and slugged a female concertgoer.


Last night (February 17), Joseph Edgar Foreman, better known to the world as Afroman, was arrested for a vicious haymaker on a female fan who had got a little too close to his comfort zone during a performance in Mississippi.

More often than not, rap music and drugs go hand in hand. For one reason or another, marijuana in particular, seems to be the choice high for many of our favorite MCs.

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The truth is, rap music has its good, bad and ugly. Good being those feel great tunes with a positive message and substance. Bad being music that may not appeal to the masses but is entertaining in its own right. And ugly being that ish that you wish never made it outside of the delusional […]

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Six years. It’s been six long years since the last episode of the legendary BET Uncut aired on July 8th, 2006. The series that spawned cult classics and made major label artists go back to the drawing board to appeal to the shows ever growing audience. Without a doubt the most controversial show in the […]