The Struggle Files

The rapper and chat room enthusiast revealed she's contracted COVID-19 after initially mocking the disease online.

Sydney Parham, 26, was arrested and charged with the crime after being seen on a now-viral video attempting to set a vehicle on fire.

Orlando Brown has shown a Jedi master-like mastery of immersing one’s self in the struggle considering some of the legal hot water he’s been in the last year alone. For his troubles, Brown landed in jail after being arrested last week for burglary but his time behind bars will be relatively short.

Sean Kingston is back in the news once more over unpaid jewelry fees, an issue that has dogged him for a while. The “Beautiful Girls” singer didn’t appear in court to respond to a lawsuit over unpaid fees for a jewelry loan and now might lose his royalties to pay back $314,000 in a default […]

We want to lead off this piece by saying that Russell Crowe should absolutely pay the price for his alleged actions against Azealia Banks, but we do think there’s got to be a better way. The Harlem rapper has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to sue Crowe and also give to charities that […]

Orlando Brown, he of saggy underwear and woefully bad sex tapes, is back in the struggle spotlight after his latest zany act. The former That’s So Raven actor did the unthinkable and got a tattoo of former co-star Raven-Symone on his chest for reasons that can’t be good.

Tyga and his battles with financial struggle still rage on, this after he was slapped with a lawsuit for not paying rent on a Beverly Hills property. Simon Cowell’s ex-fiance rented out her swanky pad to the “Rack City” rapper who hasn’t ponied up any funds since January, and his song, King Cairo, is also […]

Sean Kingston thing for jewelry, and not paying for it, is going to cost him. A judge has ordered the “Beautiful Girls” singer to pay over $300,000 in a lawsuit over an unpaid jewelry bill. 

Alleged rapper Lil Pump got arrested and the circumstances are pure struggle. Get this, he got pinched for shooting a gun while he was home alone. 

Suge Knight couldn’t escape the clutches of the struggle if he wanted to. Adding to his already staggering amount of legal issues, the former Death Row Records mogul was slapped with tax liens equalling a whopping $3.3. million.

The struggle that is Kodak Black’s legal affairs is back in the news cycle, this after the beleaguered rapper was locked up once again last week. It appears that Kodak’s penchant for stunting on Instagram included waving a gun around minor and other acts that tipped off police, and now he faces seven new charges. 

Kevin McCall aka  Eva Marcille’s baby daddy aka a former Chris Brown collaborator currently upset at the crooner, was shot in the pinky toe earlier this week. Okay, maybe not the pinky toe, but McCall does insist that he didn’t shoot himself in the foot.