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Alleged rapper Lil Pump got arrested and the circumstances are pure struggle. Get this, he got pinched for shooting a gun while he was home alone. 

Pump tried to say intruders shot through the door of his San Fernando Valley home, but the authorities spotted the jig.

Reports TMZ:

According to law enforcement, Pump’s manager reported 3 men were jimmying the rapper’s front door, trying to get into his San Fernando Valley home around 4 PM, and the suspects fired a gun once through the door. The manager was not at the house, but was relaying info to cops after speaking to Pump.

When police responded, they found a bullet hole in the front door. However, there were no suspects on the scene. Cops say the 17-year-old rapper had been smoking marijuana, and after talking to him they found holes in the intruder story. 

Cops say the trajectory of the bullet hole shows it came from inside the home. Police returned a few hours later with a search warrant … and found a handgun in the bushes below the balcony of Pump’s apartment. The weapon was unloaded, but cops found ammo for the gun in the apartment. Cops felt Pump, not an intruder, had fired the gun into the door, and arrested him for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

Here’s the kicker, the cops found weed in the crib, and since it seems like its his mom’s home, she’s also in hot water considering he’s just 17, and a minor.

Reportedly, Pump is being held in juvenile detention. Considering the school shooting in Florida, Pump’s timing couldn’t be any worse.

Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage