The Struggle Files

The rapper and chat room enthusiast revealed she's contracted COVID-19 after initially mocking the disease online.

Sydney Parham, 26, was arrested and charged with the crime after being seen on a now-viral video attempting to set a vehicle on fire.

A global pandemic isn't stopping folks from cheating on their significant others and Peter Gunz from getting it all on camera.

Alleged rapper Lil Pump got arrested and the circumstances are pure struggle. Get this, he got pinched for shooting a gun while he was home alone. 

Kevin McCall aka  Eva Marcille’s baby daddy aka a former Chris Brown collaborator currently upset at the crooner, was shot in the pinky toe earlier this week. Okay, maybe not the pinky toe, but McCall does insist that he didn’t shoot himself in the foot. 

It’s a new year, and DJ Akademiks is off to a running start with the struggle. Word on the Internets is that the media personality is facing jail time. 


One of the singers from Next reportedly owes his landlord $48K in late rent.

Lonzo Ball has dropped a rap song dedicated to his younger brother.


Rapper and actor Kid of Kid N Play was the man impersonating Colin Kaepernick in that photo Jason Whitlock posted. 


We’re reporting this strictly for archival purposes. Stripper turned reality star (no shaming, just facts) Blac Chyna is getting into the music business. 


Some people end up getting what they deserve. A woman who voted for Donald Trump is all verklempt because if the Border Wall is actually built, her home will be on the Mexican side. 


Apparently, Azealia Banks has a history of violence. Prosecutors in her current boob biting case revealed that she once slashed her own sister with a box cutter.