On Twitter, the aforementioned struggle rap icons are getting ferociously slandered and the reasons should be self-explanatory.

Lil Pump might be in luck when it comes to some of his luxury automobiles. The individuals who vandalized his cars were caught on tape.

Lil Pump is only re-affirming his allegiance to Donald Trump and the MAGA cult. The struggle rapper has been reportedly banned from JetBlue airlines for refusing to wear a mask.

Absolutely no one in their right mind thinks Lil Pump is in the same league as Eminem. Nevertheless, the Trump-supporting rapper dissed Slim Shady, and was promptly read for filth by the rapper's fellow Detroit native and buddy Royce Da 5'9.

Donald Trump-supporting rapper Lil Pump is not the father. It turns out the guy is not the daddy of the baby he claimed was his.

The former business mogul referring to Lil Pump as "Lil Pimp" should stand as a reminder that Trump could care less about their endorsement and pimped them for his own gains

The Miami, Fla. rapper took to social media and threw his support behind the reelection of the former business mogul.

Just over a year ago, Hip-Hop lost one of its rising young stars in XXXTentacion to murder and fans are still reeling over the unfortunate incident. Lil Pump, himself a star in the making and hailing from the late rapper’s home state, made a statement that compared XXXTentacion to the late 2pac.


Does boycotting Gucci include even saying it’s name in a song? We’re not totally sure but that’s the route that Lil Pump has decided to go as he’s confirmed that he will indeed join the boycott of the controversial brand, but will continue to perform his breakout hit “Gucci Gang.”

It went up last night at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards, as some of the most prominent names in Hip-Hop hit the stage to do their thing.


This past Saturday night Lil Pump and Kanye West turned in a struggle performance for the ages when they were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live, and now the “Molly” rapper is reportedly canceling his upcoming Harvard Dropout Tour thanks to a probation violation.