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Source: JEFF KOWALSKY / Getty

Lil Pump might be in luck when it comes to some of his luxury automobiles. The individuals who vandalized his cars were caught on tape.

As spotted on TMZ the Miami, Florida rapper might get some justice regarding his recent encounter with some criminal mischief. Over Mother’s Day weekend two of his vehicles were broken into. Pump Hefner shared his frustration via a video that soon went viral after releasing it on social media. “Come back to this yard, I’m right here now. How f***ing dare you? You see this? That’s how ya’ll want to play; bet!” he exclaimed. He then went on to make it clear he wants all the smoke with the preparators. “Let’s get it. “N***a I’m going to be up for the next three four days, come back to my f***ing house so I can blow your f***ing head off”.

According to the celebrity gossip site local police have secured footage that might help them track down the suspects. According to a Miami Beach Police Department report, four unidentified individuals hopped over the “Gucci Gang” rapper’s fence and entered his property in the wee hours of the night. They proceeded to break the window of a Range Rover SUV and snatched a designer nail kit valued at about $600.00. His Rolls-Royce Cullinan was broken into as well via the window which set off an alarm prompting the four delinquents to hop back over the fence and leave.

Apparently the four individuals are still on the loose. The Trump supporter has yet to formally comment on the police report findings.