Rolls Royce

Drake celebrated his birthday in signature fashion but was reminded about his early come up days. His manager gifted him the exact Rolls-Royce he used to rent to keep appearances.

The 29-year-old Memphis rapper gifted Fletcher a custom Rolls-Royce and five Birkin bags and the brokies of Lint Pocket Twitter have thought

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are sitting on at least a billion. So it only makes sense that the couple is rumored to have commissioned what is thought to be the world's most expensive car.

Lil Pump might be in luck when it comes to some of his luxury automobiles. The individuals who vandalized his cars were caught on tape.

After nine years of imprisonment, Loon is finally a free man. He is making the most of his first couple of days out.

Dwight Howard clearly roots for the bad guys at the movies. He recently purchased a car in honor of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most celebrated villain.

The life of luxury is often an aspirational subject many artists voice in their songs. According to a recent report by Bloomberg Rolls-Royce is the most name dropped brand in popular music today.

Be careful the name you choose in this rap game. High-end automaker Rolls-Royce is suing an Atlanta rapper, and Jermaine Dupri artist, named Rolls Royce Rizzy. 

Turns out that a Bawse pushes his own six figure whip, especially when his life’s on the line. Ft. Lauderdale police have confirmed that Rick Ross was driving the Rolls-Royce that crashed into a building after speeding away from an attempted drive-by shooting. The passenger was the rapper’s girlfriend,  Shateria L. Moragne-el.

This is not the birthday present the Bawse was looking for. According to reports, a vehicle Rick Ross was travelling in a Rolls-Royce last night as he left a birthday celebration was shot at multiple times by currently unknown perpetrators.

T.I. stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night for a lighthearted yet informative interview. The trap rapper was more on his grown man steez, talking with Fallon about celebrating his second wedding anniversary with Tiny, his new book and second novel, Trouble & Triumph, his role on Boss on the Starz network as well […]