A resurfaced clip from T.I.'s 'expediTIously' podcast showed him recalling a time when he got out of a gun charge by pinning it on his cousin.

The sexual assault allegations continue to mount against T.I. and Tiny.


T.I. and Tiny for their part have denied the allegations and through their lawyer stated that they're confident they'd be exonerated.

Someone is attempting to put smut on the self-proclaimed King of the South’s name. Indubitably, T.I. retorted to the allegations expeditiously. UPDATE: Since this story, more accusers have come forward with disturbing allegations.

You can always count on Killer Mike to share his honest and sometimes brutal political opinions.

Funkmaster Flex is back on his WWE vibes. The Hot 97 hot’s newest target is T.I. and he is questioning his King of the South claims.

It seems like the new season of online battles is heating up fast. A challenge has been issued and declined, but picked up by another living legend within 24 hours.

Tory Lanez didn't have much to say when talking about the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident.

Even though T.I. and 50 Cent were not seeing eye to eye on their discographies the two will indeed be paired in a different capacity. The MC’s will be working on a series about how Rap became a focus for the NYPD.

In the age of rainbow-haired informants the public is even more quick to put a snitch jacket on someone regardless of paperwork. T.I. is now having to defend himself again for telling the truth.

T.I. wants to go head to head with 50 Cent for the next #Verzuz battles and he doesn’t care who knows about it.

While America’s attention is rightfully focused on police brutality at the moment, one MC has not forgotten about Donald Trump’s thievery. As expected the King of the South has put him in his place.