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Killer Mike Shares His Thoughts On Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Kanye West & More

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

You can always count on Killer Mike to share his honest and sometimes brutal political opinions.

In a recent episode of notable Wu-Tang Clan fan John Heilemann’s Hell & High Water with John Heilemann podcast, Killer Mike kept it real on current hot button political topics. The Run The Jewel’s member shared his thoughts on Lil Wayne’s Trump support, Ice Cube politicking with the Trump administration, plus the Democratic and Republican party’s current state.

When it comes to Lil Wayne, the Atlanta rapper admitted he is still a fan of Weezy and suspects that Team Trump threw some cash at the Young Money general that anyone, even himself, would think about taking.

“I don’t know why Wayne did the endorsement. I’m still a Lil Wayne fan. He is one of the greatest rappers on fucking earth, but I suspect, like 50 Cent said, they offer you a million bucks, shoot, they might’ve given to Wayne … They offered 50 a million. Shit, Weezy, they might’ve offered Weezy three or four, you know?”

“And, shit, I wouldn’t support Trump, but if you called me with a five million dollar offer, I at least got to roll over and say, ‘Shea [his wife], they offered us five fucking million.’ She’s going to say, ‘Go to fucking sleep.’ You know what I mean? So I’m sure that his endorsement was they paid, right? That’s not to say right or wrong. That’s simply to say, politicians are bought by lobbyists. Politicians spread money around.”

A good example of why we should always listen to Black women.

On the subject of Ice Cube, who has resurfaced recently after he was dragged up and down Twitter timelines following his head-scratching moves and political opinions, the “A.D.I.D.A.S” crafter said the blame shouldn’t be placed on the N.W.A. founder. Instead, he feels we should focus on Republicans taking advantage of missteps by the Democratic Party.

“They also understood that we were being ignored by the party we had been giving so much support to, and they took advantage of that. They didn’t take advantage of Ice Cube. They took advantage of the missteps of the Democratic Party.”

He also touched on Kanye West and his bootleg presidential bid and wasn’t critical of the Chicago rapper, basically saying that Yeezy’s big ego is the reason behind his run for the White House.

Kanye could not be Kanye if he was not audacious enough to feel he could be president. He could not be one of the most free and innovative thinkers on earth. He could not be a builder of one of the largest brands. He could not be a super producer. He could not be as prolific rapper with the audacious … and he got some great writers, too. He could not be that. So I am not surprised by shit Yeezy does.”


Last but not least, Killer Mike also spoke on that iconic press conference moment that went viral following the death of George Floyd. He revealed that fellow ATLien, T.I. convinced him to do it, but he wasn’t on board with the idea initially. Heilemann brought up the fact a number of white people came up to him asking who Killer Mike was after watching his impassioned speech.

“So T.I got you to come up, and you’re up there with Keisha Lance Bottoms, and you gave this long speech, about eight minutes long, that went viral and took you into a different place,” Heilemann said. “I can’t tell you the number of white people I know who were like, ‘Who’s this fucking Killer Mike dude, man? He’s fucking incredible.’

“And that was a moment, right, in America. That was a pitched moment. There was nowhere in the country where more than 100,000 people live where there was not some racial justice moment happening.”

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz