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Ice Cube wants his baby back. He is now making one of his goals to regain control of his 'Friday' film franchise.

Ice Cube confirms how he lost out on a $9 million payday to star in the Oh Hell No film after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ice Cube took to social media to refute claims by Ye that he was the inspiration for the rapper's recent wave of antisemitic commentary.


Ice Cube has teamed up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) for a cold collaboration, literally. The brand and the rap legend, actor and filmmaker have partnered on Brew Over Ice (BOI) coffee aka coffee pods catered specifically to pour over ice cubes.

If you’re a fan of the 1995 classic comedy Friday, you’ve probably wondered why one of the film’s most notable stars, comedian Chris Tucker, who played the character “Smokey,” wasn’t in any of the sequels. Well, on Wednesday, legendary rapper and Friday creator Ice Cube said his piece on the subject after comedian Faizon Love, […]


You can't say Ice Cube isn't a man who stands on his principles, no matter how debatable or questionable they may be. The rapper turned actor and mogul has reportedly left a Sony comedy called Oh Hell No over his refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

The latest anticipated film in the Friday franchise may never come as 'Last Friday' is in the middle of an intense beef between Warner Bros and Ice Cube, the film's creator.

Sir Jinx believes that the rapper born O'Shea Jackson owes him over miscalculated royalties for nearly 30 tracks over the years.


Cube accused Robinhood of robbin' his image in an ad for their new service, Robinhood Snacks

According to Cube, production studio Warner Bros. is pumping the breaks on the success of his Friday franchise by refusing to produce any further content bearing the cult classic's name. On Friday (Feb 26), the "Good Day" rapper took to Instagram to air out the production house for "hi-jacking the happiness of the culture," after noting that the company has refused to make more sequels for the film.


Ice Cube had begun pitching his "Contract With Black America" since before the November elections and it wasn't until the Trump Administration realized they were in dire need of Black support (duh?) that they reached out to Cube. I

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