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The truth is, rap music has its good, bad and ugly. Good being those feel great tunes with a positive message and substance. Bad being music that may not appeal to the masses but is entertaining in its own right. And ugly being that ish that you wish never made it outside of the delusional rapper who made its thought process. Especially if you are a self respecting African-American.

We are not talking about the run of the mill Southern dance track or exorbitant East Coast party record. We are talking about the music that is so c00nish that it leaves people wondering if the rapper who made it has ever heard of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, minstrel shows, slavery or at least seen 30 minutes of Roots. [Editor’s Note: Bamboozled, too.]

Hide your kids, hide your white boss/co-workers. Here are 10 songs – that made it to the mainstream – that most black folks wish other condescending races never knew existed…

(Make your own list in the comments section)


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