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A 108-year-old woman has reunited with her 38 year old husband after a year of separation.

The couple was reunited this past Thursday, after Muhammad completed a 12 month voluntary drug rehab treatment.

“I am grateful my husband has come back, I am happy we see each other again because I really love him, We will return to our normal life and I will serve my duty as a wife, just like any other woman.”

Muhammad said his elderly wife, visited him five times during his rehab, and would have been more if not for her lack of mobility because of her age.

Wook Kundor and Muhammad Noor Che Musa married when Wook was frightened that he would leave her for a married woman, Wook then popped the question and married her 23rd husband.

Wook brings a whole new meaning to the term cougar.

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