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State Senator Jose Peralta along with other New York officials held a conference at City Hall Tuesday (Dec. 29) to zoom in on a problem young people are facing: owning a new hoverboard and not having anywhere to to enjoy it without getting into legal trouble.

Peralta is calling to amend the law that prohibits hoverboards being used on the streets of New York, by proposing that riders be required to wear a helmet and kneepads or to stay in parks (skateboarders feel your pain).

Via NYT:

Councilman Andy King, a Bronx Democrat, said he planned to introduce a resolution in the City Council in support of Mr. Peralta’s bill, noting that hoverboards were popular among young black and Hispanic men.

“The last thing we want to see is a whole bunch of summonses going to that population because someone gave them a gift during the holiday season,” Mr. King said at the news conference.

Bronx native Tyree Brown, 29, said he was recently stopped by NYPD for riding in Manhattan a similar device (an electric unicycle). He’s gearing to fight the $138 fine and will “continue to ride the device around the city.”

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