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Lil Wayne is the latest in Hip-Hop to continue the trend of album push backs. Fans eager for a new Lil Wayne record will be thrilled to know that his rock debut, Rebirth, has been pushed back…once again. As previously reported, the album was supposed to hit stores December 15 and reportedly as a double […]

 “Ahahahahahahhaahahahhahaha!  Lmaooooooooooo.  So now I was a d*ked an dated remy ma n made a vid dressed as a boy?!?!?!?  Lmaooooo U ppl r simple.” Recently a  video surfaced of a woman that was allegedly Nicki Minaj stating that she had sexual relations with Remy Ma back in the day.  Minaj quickly laid waste to […]

Timbaland  is the latest in Hip-Hop to be tapped by the WWE to host one of their wrestling programs. Just recently, Snoop Dogg was tapped to play host to their festivities in October and left a major impression after rolling into the arena in a pink Cadillac. Now it’s Timbo’s turn. Timbaland will make his […]

Epic moments in music are very rare to find in today’s music industry.  With imitation and replica’s coming from left and right, it sometimes becomes hard to actually feel the passion within a song and know that an artist truly puts their heart behind the melody. The ability to craft a hit song is something that […]

Drizzy Drake, Young Money’s resident all-star and now a Grammy nominated rapper, is relinquishing more details on his highly anticipated debut. As previously reported, Drake had the world up in arms waiting for him to release Thank Me Later on Valentine’s Day of  2010. Now unfortunately for stans of Young Money’s Young Angel,

At the Grammy nomination award show which aired on Wednesday December 2nd, hip-hop was there and represented in a big way. Hosted by LL Cool J himself, the nomination show featured all of the nominations for some of the biggest artists and songs of the year. Beyonce headlined the event with an astonishing

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As his debut album title Thank Me Later entails, Young Money’s Drake is one that is willing to give to those that are less fortunate. The rapper will appear at the 2009 Winter Wonderland Celebration and Toy Giveaway on December 5 in Los Angeles. Located in the Sears Court of Baldwin Hills’ Crenshaw Plaza Mall, […]

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With the release of Wale’s debut album Attention Deficit and Drake not missing a step as his buzz grows larger, their feels like a void from a particular Man on the Moon who hasn’t been in the light as heavily lately. Kid Cudi, however, is springing himself back into the forefront as he is gearing […]

As the release date for Lil Wayne’s Rebirth rock debut draws nearer, new details are emerging on the upcoming project. As previously reported, the album was slated for a December 15 release but was pushed back to the 22. Additionally, Gudda Gudda confirmed an upcoming