Black Twitter 100 – Week 3

1. Solange Knowles @SolangeKnowles Location: New Orleans, Lousiana Followers: 2.2M Let’s not front. Solange Knowles might be related to one of the world’s biggest R&B stars, but she had the entire world copying her now iconic wedding photo, son! Not only that, she’s been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and gave a […]

2. Teyana M.J. Taylor @TEYANATAYLOR Location: New York, New York Followers: 1M Teyana Taylor has been something of a style icon since the dawn of her musical career. She’s still making tunes and influencing the fashion scene with her dizzying array of looks, which you can see all through her IG page.

3. Rihanna @Rhianna Location: Los Angeles, California Followers: 50.2M Rihanna is a superstar in every sense of the word. The Barbadian songstress might have been a bit lax on the musical side of things until recently, but that’s given her a lot of time to grace cameras around the world. We’re thankful for that, as are […]

4. Karen Civil @KarenCivil Location: Los Angeles, CA Followers: 371K We can hear the collective groans already. We know that Karen Civil is far more than fashion. The media powerhouse covers a variety of lanes but let’s not front like her fashion game isn’t one of the best there is. Check out her moves here.

6. Beyoncé Knowles @Beyonce Location: Worldwide Followers: 14.1M Do we really have to break down who Queen Bey is to you? We didn’t think so. And we think it’s safe to say Jay Z’s better half has been influencing fashion trends her entire career. Check out Beyoncé at her homepage for more.

7. downtowns sweetheart @Vashtie Location: New York, New York Followers: 49.6K Vashtie’s position in the game as a style maven has been solidified for years, and now she’s moved into the world of design. She’s also got a pretty sweet line with Puma and has risen in the ranks as a DJ and film maker as well. […]

8. Gabi Fresh @GabiFresh Location: N/A Followers: 49.6K Gabi Fresh may be the most visible plus-size model there is, and one of the most glamorous models period. With a body-positive swimwear line and a blog that attracts a myriad of readers, Gabi is definitely set to remain at the top of the fashion world for years […]

9. Bevy Smith @BevySmith Location: New York, New York Followers: 103K As Bevy Smith’s Twitter bio says, she’s not your typical fashionista but she’s certainly one of the best known. The lovely Ms. Smith is the host of Bravo’s Fashion Queens show and also hosts  the Bevy Says podcast. Keep up with all of Bevy’s moves […]

10. Elaine Welteroth @ElaineWelteroth Location: New York, New York Followers: 10.1K Elaine Welteroth is Teen Vouge’s Beauty and Health Director, a pretty nifty title considering the sway of influence she has in advising youngs in her respected fields. The Bay Area native keeps things fun and loose on her very active Instagram page as well.

11. The Curvy Fashionista @MarieDenee Location: Atlanta, Georgia Followers: 37K The name says it: Marie Denee IS The Curvy Fashionista. She runs a blog with the same name, which takes a look at all the trends in the “plus size” clothing industry. Fans of the site are also invited to submit photos of their style and […]

12. Gerard Smith @GRocSmith Location: Atlanta, Georgia Followers: 1.5K Gerard Smith is the founder of The Shoe Game website, where folks can keep up on the freshest sneaker trends and also be informed of what’s real or what’s not out there in the industry. Follow the actual Shoe Game Twitter handle for more.

13. Simone S. Oliver @SimoneSOliver Location: New York, New York Followers: 11.2K Simone S. Oliver is the current editor Audience Development Strategy Editor, Lifestyle News for the New York Times. She served as the publication’s Online Fashion Editor previously and maintains her own web property as well. Despite her new role, fashion and styling are very […]