Conservative writer Bethany Mandel struggled to define the word "woke" on the show 'Rising' despite talking about it in her book.

Fox News' streaming service, Fox Nation, is set to release the five-part docuseries 'Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax.'

A Southern Baptist minister from West Palm Beach, Florida, has offended the hell (uh…so to speak) out of a group of his fellow Southern Baptist pastors who appear to feel a way about him bashing the church for its alleged racism and support of ex-president Donald Trump on the first day of the SBC General […]

Surly fans took to Twitter the next day to discuss the comparison between the treatment of Jill Scott and Lizzo for their size.

Being Black in America has always had it’s challenges but as more statistics move the forefront we are seeing concrete proof of cities and states in America not only targeting Black people for existing but it’s also for profit.