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The hoopla regarding Michael Sam and the kiss seen all over ESPN reached a fevered pitch over the weekend. Of course, Twitter chimed in with its two bitcoins worth of opinion.


Yesterday April 10, Colin Kaepernick’s world and offseason was rocked when he and a couple of his NFL buddies were named in a dicey sexual assault complaint. Although there were no arrests or charges filed, the sports nation and his San Francisco 49ers took great notice to the situation.

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Superstar NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and a couple of his football buddies have landed themselves on the wrong end of a sexual assault complaint.

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NFL linebacker Brandon Spikes made an ill-fated pop culture reference to the Best Picture-winning 12 Years a Slave in a diss to his old team, the New England Patriots.

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The NFL and the NFC East just got a whole lot more interesting now that DeSean Jackson is suiting up with his former division rival the Washington Washington Football Team.


A recent NJ.com article may have played a part in All-Pro wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s release from the Philadelphia Eagles according to speculation. The post described how Jackson had started up a friendship with a Los Angeles Crips game whom had been responsible for two homicides in 2010. This friendship or even loose affiliation forced […]


This year’s March Madness turned everybody’s bracket into toilet paper and unexpected bets are being cashed in. Possibly the most high-profile wager was one made by Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White through his unfiltered Twitter account.

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New York Jets fans wishing for an end to the Mark Sanchez era finally had their prayers answered over the weekend. The team gave the former first-round pick the boot Friday, clearing room for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to sign a 1-year deal.


The life span of a NFL player is notoriously unpredictable but Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon figures he’s committed enough of his life to dedicate ink to his entire body to cause.

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The sports struggle M.I.A. has gotten herself into will likely take its toil on her bank account and sanity as the NFL is suing the “Paper Planes” singer for $16.6M–up from $1.5M for her middle finger caught on camera at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show.

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If there was a lesson to be learned by LeGarrette Blount for arguing with Richard Sherman, it’s don’t argue against Richard Sherman’s high opinion of himself.

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Aaron Hernandez can kiss his innocent-til-proven-guilty perception goodbye in lieu of the latest news that he pummeled another inmate to a bloody pulp with his bare hands in the Bristol County Jail.