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This year’s March Madness turned everybody’s bracket into toilet paper and unexpected bets are being cashed in. Possibly the most high-profile wager was one made by Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White through his unfiltered Twitter account.

Nobody really gave Mercer a fighting chance to best Coach K’s always tournament-ready Duke Blue Devils except for diehard sports fan Dylan Hoyt. White thought nothing of it when he made a lopsided bet with one of his admirers.

So when Mercer pulled off the upset–complete with a Nae Nae-dancing-benchwarmer, all eyes were on Roddy to man up. Meaning nearly all of his 200K Twitter followers.

Via Bleacher Report:

White had originally tweeted that he would give the follower season tickets on the 50-yard line, but he later said that he would give the fan two tickets to the Falcons’ game against the Chicago Bears.

Some people felt that White—who signed a six-year, $50 million deal back in 2009—should honor the original bet, which left the receiver shaking his head.

Y’all people are crazy on twitter you want me to man up and pay a bet to a person that had nothing to lose in the bet #soundsridicules, he screamed on his Twitter but he was silently humbling up behind the scenes. The grand prize was an ultimate fan’s dream that would make Visa or MasterCard green with envy.

“2 season tickets, 2 SB tix, pregame sideline passes to game and a day at camp as my guest. How does that sound,” White asked Hoyt much to his delight, who had become a local celebrity doing interviews in his Georgia area.

It’s always nice to see the pros use their power for the greater good of the people’s experience, even if the league is always finding new ways to suck the fun out of it.

Check out the entire Twitter exchange in the gallery below.

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