lebron james

LeBron James and Chris Paul have both taken to Twitter to express their disappointment with the NBA and its apparent soft-on-slurs policy that led to what many think is a far too lenient punishment for Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, whose alleged misogyny and n-word usage earned him a measly one-year ban from the league […]

Drake and LeBron James will have to do some explaining in court. They are being sued for stealing the rights to the Black Ice movie.

LeBron James is starting to really boss up in Hollywood. The legend in the making will produce a Netflix film about a Native American basketball scene.

One of the most anticipated sneaker releases is getting a royal rollout. UNKNWN has unveiled a Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach” 2021 inspired basketball court painted mural in Miami.

LeBron James' love for Hip-Hop music well-known, so it's no surprise he's been actually thinking about dropping an album.

Yesterday (December 30) LeBron James turned 36 years old. Fans, friend and family across the world made sure to put heavy respect on his name on his special day.

While LeBron James made it clear that he was enjoying his most recent NBA Championship the joy did not last as long as he would have hoped. He is now assisting his associate in trying to secure justice for a loved one.

One of the most heralded animated movies in history is about to get revisited in a major way. LeBron James has just given the world a sneak peak of the vibes for Space Jam 2.

LeBron James has just been reminded that celebrity will not protect you from natural disasters. He had to leave his residence as many other have in California.

The NCAA just can’t get right. After it was announced that it would require agents wanting to represent basketball players to have a degree, the organization has changed its mind.