2 live crew


Pioneering rapper Fresh Kid Ice of 2 Live Crew has passed away. He was 53-years-old. 

2 Live Crew will finally have their story told on the big screen. Lionsgate films has just green-lighted a biopic detailing the group’s controversial rise to recording infamy.

Not that Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has anything to do with Django Unchained, but he’s still pretty upset at Spike Lee for blasting the film. Campbell penned an opinion editorial for the Miami Times and lashed out at the acclaimed director’s views, while praising Django-director Quentin Tarantino for his “brilliant” project.

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, who ran for Mayor last year and lost in a runoff, tells Hip-Hop Wired he will be for office again in four years. While speaking to the Hip-Hop legend, whose 1989 offering As Nasty As They Wanna Be with 2 Live Crew become one of the first LPs to get a Parental Advisory […]

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is no stranger to controversy brought on by his music, but more than two decades after his first 2 Live Crew album, the rapper is still getting into trouble over his lyrics. A Florida judge has approved Campbell’s request to coach a football team, after the state refused him certification on […]