President Joe Biden sat down with 60 Minutes journalist Scott Pelley for a wide-ranging discussion on COVID-19, Trump, and more.

On Sunday (Oct 25), CBS aired the edited 60 Minute episode that featured Trump's response to the "tough questions" asked by veteran journalist Lesley Stahl. The episode, which opens with a seemingly already upset Trump ended up bolstering a whopping 16 lies in less than 30 minutes, according to CNN fact-checkers, with the biggest and most notable lie being about his response to the pandemic and his still unrevealed healthcare plan.

Reportedly frustrated by the line of questioning regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Trump then took to Twitter to jab at Lesley Stahl.

Once again the Trump administration is showing their petty ways. A reporter is claiming that she was ignored due to an inquiry she made concerning the POTUS’ alleged indiscretion with an adult actress.

Donald Trump has now made steps to emerge from the shadows after his stunning Election Night win over Hillary Clinton last week. As a guest on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the president-elect spoke on several topics but what turned heads for most was his telling supporters to stop the recent rash of racist acts in his […]

Long-running CBS news series 60 Minutes is under fire from a group of journalists and scholars responding to recent reports from the show primarily focused on the Ebola outbreak in Africa. According to the group, the program’s approach to Black Africans and the fight over the deadly disease comes across as outdated and “anachronistic.”

The Associated Press has become one of many Twitter accounts that have been hijacked recently. The account was hacked Tuesday (April 23) with a claim of a White House attack and an injured President Obama.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a joint 60 Minutes interview Sunday (Jan. 2 7) and expressed their adoration for one another. As her tenure winds down, the 65-year-old and the commander in chief –once opponents in the 2008 election—have grown into close friends.