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Once again the Trump administration is showing their petty ways. A reporter is claiming that she was ignored due to an inquiry she made concerning the POTUS’ alleged indiscretion with an adult actress.

Veteran White House correspondent April Ryan felt the cold shoulder of the Trump Press Secretary at a recent briefing. On Tuesday she voiced her frustration of not being called on by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“It is back again. Not called on today for a question. It has been how long? Oh, my last question was about @StormyDaniels! And, I was just told I am on a list,” she vented.

Ryan claims that her prior questioning regarding Donald Trump’s alleged sexual encounters with the retired pornographic star got her locked out of the press conference.

She later hinted at a White House blacklist in a following tweet.

Last week Daniels did an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes where she talked about her unique relationship with President Trump to Anderson Cooper. In one of the more shocking moments she detailed how an unnamed man threatened her if she were to proceed with sharing her story to the tabloids.

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