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Stormy Daniels is being threatened with financial ruin

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Sunday night’s 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels was easily the most anticipated event in some time considering recent chatter regarding the adult film actress and President Donald Trump. In the wake of the chat, conservatives have been hurling childish insults to keep the heat of the former business mogul’s philandering ways but some folks have countered with sense and facts.

Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, sat down with Anderson Cooper for the chat. One of the more shocking moments of the interview came when Daniels revealed that in 2011, a man approached her in Las Vegas while she was with her baby daughter. The man allegedly told Daniels to not go forth with the infamous interview with In Touch magazine, and threatened harm. Daniels also said that the sex between her and Trump was indeed consensual, happened just once and that they didn’t use protection.

The interview garnered the expected reaction from Trump supporters who belittled Daniels’ stance as a sex worker, to Trump detractors pointing out the sexist and over-the-top attacks on Daniels’ character. We’ve collected some of those reactions via Twitter below and on the following pages, including Daniels herself clapping back in kind.

Watch the 60 Minutes interview below.


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