Restaurants and bars are still limited in the option of hosting patrons inside thus outside has become the new social playground. Even in this era of inconvenience, the law is making it clear that Black and Brown folks are still the hunted.


While things are starting to look even bleaker by the day there are some positives that are coming out of this health crisis. The Big Apple is letting their citizens go on the run drinking.


For those who imbibe and are of a certain age, there are many drink combos that should have never made it to our lips. One of those hood classics is the Incredible Hulk, a mixture of Hennessy and Hyptoniq that, when combined, created a greenish drink and Black Twitter has seemingly rediscovered it.


Vince Staples has only lived for a quarter of a century, but he’s already cemented his place as a cultural commentator along with his formidable musical contributions. Given that many artists of his generation rely heavily on alcohol and drugs to create and cope, Staples shared a perspective of living sober that was largely centered […]

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The recently reinstated Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon revealed in an interview with GQ that he used drugs and drank before every game.

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Chris Brown has battled a poor image since 2009 when his domestic violence case involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna went public. The R&B singer’s recent legal woes and meltdowns are being attributed to heavy drug and alcohol abuse with those close to Brown offering an inside view in a revealing profile.


A Michigan man could spend more than a decade in prison for letting his girlfriend freeze to death because she came home intoxicated. Charles Campbell Jr. was sentenced to 19 months to 15 years after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

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Chuck E. Cheese is practically asking for a Worldstar moment, even of the most suburban of areas. The ubiquitous kiddie hangout recently announced plans to expand their menu to alcohol so parents–namely mothers–won’t feel like they’re losing out in life.

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We’re in an age where celebrity alcohol endorsements are almost as common as liquor stores themselves. Big corporations know that aligning their brands with movie stars, pop acts and rappers would increase their appeal to their intended audience. Just the other day, Snoop Dogg became a shareholder with Brazilian Spirit Cuca Fresca. Their beverage mirrors […]


Lamar Odom has finally checked into rehab to deal with his drug and alcohol abuse. Exactly where or when the NBA free agent checked into a drug treatment facility has not been revealed. 

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“Oh, Let’s Do It” Unlike some of his rap cohorts, instead of giving an exact date for the drop of an upcoming release, Ludacris just let’s it go for the wind to catch it. Known for his steal-showing abilities as a feature on countless records, Luda takes the time out to flex his muscle with […]