A film with the overwhelming hype that Black Panther currently enjoys was bound to have its fair share of haters waiting in the wings. When news that a Facebook group was aiming to tank the film’s rating on critic aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes emerged, the chatter made its way to director Ryan Coogler who took […]


The white supremacist faction known as the “Alt-Right” have a habit of taking other peoples symbols and claiming them as their own. From Pepe the Frog to New Balance to Papa John’s Pizza, the alt-right like to get their Christopher Columbus on when it comes to everyday branding, but The Punisher is having none of […]

Black British journalist Gary Younge confronted white nationalist leader Richard Spencer and engaged in a tense debate on race.

    This past weekend, the agents of white supremacy and racism showed their faces in Charlottesville, VA. A Twitter account is helping to ID those participants who proudly marched with struggle tiki torches, the paraphernalia of the losing teams (that would be Confederate flags and swastikas, etc.) and low lifes—plenty of who be getting fired […]

Richard Spencer is a white nationalist, billed an “alt-right leader” and is basically a Nazi, allegedly. While being interviewed at a Trump Inauguration protest on Friday (Jan. 2o), dude got snuffed by a protester—and it was legit glorious.