Netflix has launched its most ambitious plan yet in hopes of luring more customers.

If you're lucky enough to get a text message from Bill Gates, it's going to be a green bubble becuase he is team Android all the way.

As if we need another reason not to trust using our iPhones. Reports from TechCrunch and The App Analyst detail how certain iOS apps are recording your screen while you use them.

The European Union is not here for what they believe is Google’s unfair practices. Wednesday (July 18) the E.U. slapped the tech giant with €4.34 billion fine ($5.1 billion) for “forcing” it’s apps on Android smartphone users. This latest fine is far larger than the €2.4 billion ($2.8 billion) fine the E.U. hit Google with back […]

iPhone and iPad owners already put themselves in the upper echelon when it comes to smartphone ownership. A new study suggests that owning either one of those Apple products means that you’re rich. Economists from the University of Chicago point out that Apple’s iPhone is the most reliable indicator when it comes to determining if a […]

Google‘s answer to giving Android users a chat service on the level of Apple‘s iMessage and Facebook’s WhatsApp is on the way. The tech giant has decided to give up on making a better app and instead change the way you text each other completely with a new service simply called Chat.

Starting today (Nov. 7), sneakerheads and sportswear fanatics can download the new Adidas app on iOS and Android. 

Music fans who like to know what classic samples and past songs were used to craft their favorite Hip-Hop and R&B hits probably know about music discovery website and iOS app WhoSampled. The popular service has launched on the Android platform, and will most certainly add to the 1 million people who currently using the tool.

Although smartwatches have been around in some form for some time now, Samsung appears to have launched a new tech war by announcing the release of its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch device.

Apple geeks, circle September 10 on your calendars. Rumors are swirling about that a pair of new iPhones will be unveiled on that date. After earlier news that a budget version of the popular iPhone was possibly being released, sources say the flagship 5 version will also see a hardware update.

If you’ve ever stretched your patience waiting in line at a crowded bar, wait no more.  BarEye, a new app launched Thursday (July 25), allows users to skip the human list and order drinks digitally.

With so many artists using Twitter as a medium of promotion it makes sense that the company launch a music app. Twitter made the iPhone application available to the public today, after testing it out with celebrities first.