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Apple geeks, circle September 10 on your calendars. Rumors are swirling about that a pair of new iPhones will be unveiled on that date. After earlier news that a budget version of the popular iPhone was possibly being released, sources say the flagship 5 version will also see a hardware update.

Wall Street Journal‘s tech site, All Things Digital, reported over the weekend via a source that Apple plans to drop the iPhone 5S and 5C next month. Although the tech giant still enjoys massive sales behind the smart phone device, the market has been upended by the continuing emergence of Android devices that typically cost less. Adding fuel to the fire, Apple and chief rival Samsung have been battling for dominance in the hand-held device arena for some time.

Vietnamese publication Tinhte, well known by Apple fans for always snagging preview photos and unboxing events, released unofficial pictures of the rumored phones in comparison to the current iPhone 5 class. Featured in “dummy model” gray, the photos show some of the distinct differences between the 5, 5S and 5C.

The 5S will have a dual-bulb flash in comparison to the single bulb it uses now. Other possible features, such as a fingerprint sensor, have been speculated but nothing is confirmed. It can also be assumed that the devices will using the iOS7 operating system which is now in testing phase.

Apple’s attempt to go after bargain hunting consumers could prove to be fruitful if the release dates stay true. And as expected, the older devices could see up to a $200 drop in price which is a coup for late iPhone holdouts.

Check out the gallery to see the photos of the devices.

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Photos: All Things Digital, Tinh te

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