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When you’re an athlete (or anyone with more than a little extra pocket change) having a good business manager is of the utmost importance.  Coming into a lot of money can be as much of a gift as a curse, and if you don’t believe us, take Vince Young, for example. The former Tennessee Titan […]


Antoine Walker stays losing. The famously and relatively broke former NBA player’s championship ring was sold for $21,500, reports TMZ. Definitely a nice chunk of change but Walker had no choice in the matter because it was sold due to his bankruptcy. Some dude need a Andres Garcia is just waiting on some legal paperwork […]

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Former NBA Champion and All-Star Antoine Walker has been ordered by a judge to face trial on felony bad check charges that allege he failed to repay almost $1 Million in gambling debts and penalties to three Las Vegas Casino’s. This story is still baffling. How do you burn through $110-Million so easily? The judge […]


The economy has been tough on everyone, even NBA players. Former Atlanta Hawk, Antoine Walker, is in deep trouble. Coveted and reviled around the league for his clutch three-point jump shots, the twelve year veteran forward was released from the Memphis Grizzlies in December of 2008. Having been in the starting lineup for six NBA […]