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The economy has been tough on everyone, even NBA players. Former Atlanta Hawk, Antoine Walker, is in deep trouble. Coveted and reviled around the league for his clutch three-point jump shots, the twelve year veteran forward was released from the Memphis Grizzlies in December of 2008. Having been in the starting lineup for six NBA franchises, netting well over $100 million, he could have comfortably retired to a nice, quiet life. Alas, that life was not to be, and the big man wasted little time before he ransacked his vaults and perused several casinos, an act that would result in the incurrence of thousands of dollars and force the once wealthy man into financial submission.

Now facing criminal charges for writing ten bad checks, totaling $1 million dollars as well as owing another $82,000 in legal fees due to the numerous criminal charges, the athlete seemingly has nowhere else to go but up.

The former baller paid $178,000 total, representing joint debt that he accrued while gambling at Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and the Red Rock Resort.

$822,500 is still owed to the casinos and a warrant was issued for his arrest, presumably for the laid off star to make better amends with his debtors.