memphis grizzlies

NBA Twitter believe that league commissioner Adam Silver wasn't thrilled at the outcome of the play-in contest between past champs, the Golden State Warriors, and rising young squad, Memphis Grizzlies.

Chris Brown. Jason Kidd. Even the lovable Blake Griffin has added to the myth of the light-skinned Black dude having epic attitude problems. However, Matt Barnes might be the ringleader of this motley light-skint hothead crew after he nearly delivered a fade to another brother of the fairer hue, John Henson.

How much does it cost to speak your mind at work? If you’re Matt Barnes, the bill is pretty high.

In a closeout game on the road Sunday night (May 27), the San Antonio Spurs picked apart a capable but outgunned Memphis Grizzlies squad with old-school, below the rim basketball. The Spurs, led by point guard Tony Parker, head to the NBA Finals for the fifth time after a four-game playoffs sweep. 

The economy has been tough on everyone, even NBA players. Former Atlanta Hawk, Antoine Walker, is in deep trouble. Coveted and reviled around the league for his clutch three-point jump shots, the twelve year veteran forward was released from the Memphis Grizzlies in December of 2008. Having been in the starting lineup for six NBA […]