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Chris Brown. Jason Kidd. Even the lovable Blake Griffin has added to the myth of the light-skinned Black dude having epic attitude problems. However, Matt Barnes might be the ringleader of this motley light-skint hothead crew after he nearly delivered a fade to another brother of the fairer hue, John Henson.

Last night in a contest between Barnes’ Memphis Grizzlies squad and Henson’s Milwaukee Bucks, a squabble almost got set off and it was purely from a basketball play. With the game in the bag with just six seconds of play, Henson smacked a Barnes layup to Pluto and stunted heavy on the Santa Clara, Calif. native. Barnes didn’t take kindly to Henson’s mugging and had a few words.

Henson, acting real light-skint, didn’t turn down for the moment and kept his mean-mugging routine going which led to him getting a technical foul, his second of the night thus he was ejected from the game. But it doesn’t end there, folks. Henson kept milking the moment, and as he left the floor he raised his hands to the rafters to egg on the crowd.

Barnes, who was also ejected, pleaded his case for a spell but then ran off to the Bucks locker room to deliver what we assume would be an exquisite fade with staffers from the Grizzlies bench running him down.

Just another day in the Matt Barnes looney bin files.

[h/t: Deadspin]

Photo: screen cap