Matt Barnes

On Monday (Mar 24), Charlamagne revealed his decision after explaining to listeners that the reason was due to him "going too far" when touching on the fellow South Carolina native, Kwame Brown’s, personal life; before adding that he was urged by mutual associates to publicly apologize to Brown.

Kwame Brown is taking full advantage of this by way of a series of entertaining yet enlightening videos directed towards his new rivals, former fellow NBA player Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

When it comes to showing unwavering support for his son, Dwyane Wade has definitely proven to be the poster child, but according to the NBA superstar his support was more about himself than his son.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan have been locked in an ongoing battle of wills over their long-ended marriage and child support arrangements for some time now. Now, the retired NBA player wants to have his child support payments because of the dirty mack specialist, Derek Fisher.

The never-ending legal battle between Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes continues to rage on, this after the Basketball Wives star made new claims. Govan says that the former NBA player and father of her twin boys owes her $23 thousand in child support.

Matt Barnes has already claimed a manner of legal victory over his ex-wife Gloria Govan, and more good news for his side continue to pour in. A judge agreed to reduce Barnes’ $20,000 per month child support payments temporarily while the former couple works out details moving forward.

The legal battle between former NBA player Matt Barnes and reality television actress Gloria Govan has been quite a bitter journey for the former married couple. This week, one issue that split the pair was settled when the courts awarded Barnes sole physical and legal custody of the pair’s twin boys.

In the ongoing and increasingly bitter legal battle between retired NBA player Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan, a judge has given the reality show actress a mild win. Barnes has been attempting to get full custody of their twin boys, but that request was denied in court.

If there was any hope that the bitter post-divorce battle between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan would come to a quiet end, think again. After Govan was arrested for felony charge endangerment, she and her legal team filed a request for her to gain primary custody of the former couple’s twin boys.

The ongoing legal battle between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan just added a new twist, this time with the reality television star taking strong action. Govan is accusing her ex-husband of attempting to serve her with lawsuit papers during an arranged custody change with their twin boys thus violating an agreement they made.

Things have gotten uglier between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan, this after Govan was arrested for child endangerment last week. Barnes has filed a restraining order against his ex and is seeking full custody of their twin boys but he will be in for a long legal fight.

The ongoing saga between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan took an ugly turn on Friday after the feuding exes got into a bit of drama during a scheduled visitation pickup. As Barnes arrived at the school of their twin boys, Govan reportedly got into a fight with Barnes and tried to take his holiday visit […]