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Some people in the world live by the train of thought that if someone starts beef with them, especially when they were minding their own business, that means how they retaliate can’t be policed. Kwame Brown is taking full advantage of this by way of a series of entertaining yet enlightening videos directed towards his new rivals, former fellow NBA player Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

For those who are unaware of how this all began, last week on Jackson and Barnes’ All The Smoke podcast, Brown’s former Washington Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas was a guest when Brown’s basketball days were mentioned seemingly out of thin air. While Arenas took some light jabs, Barnes and Jackson had themselves a good laugh at Brown’s expense and he caught wind of it.

For what seems like the past three days, Brown has been on a relentless tear in responding at length to Arenas initially but had plenty of smoke for Barnes and Jackson too. Brown believes that as a man who uses his platform for good and to help others, especially young Black men, the attacks from Arenas and the sniggling (his words) from Barnes and Jackson was a line that they should have not crossed.

At times, Brown’s humility was displayed and he even seems to cop to the fact that his career wasn’t the greatest but he did last 12 seasons and earned well over $60 million although the pressure of being the top draft pick of 2001 hung over him, perhaps unfairly.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith caught some of that heat too with Brown straight up asking for the taper and fade in Seattle where they can bypass fighting laws and get to scrapping without all the legal mumbo jumbo.

There were two new videos posted this morning alone to Brown’s Kwame Brown Bust Life YouTube page that we’ve shared below. We’ll also share the reactions from Twitter as well.

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