By way of his immensely popular YouTube channel, Brown invited Judge Joe Brown to the program to discuss some of the former basketball star's recent targets and much more.

On Monday (Mar 24), Charlamagne revealed his decision after explaining to listeners that the reason was due to him "going too far" when touching on the fellow South Carolina native, Kwame Brown’s, personal life; before adding that he was urged by mutual associates to publicly apologize to Brown.

Kwame Brown is taking full advantage of this by way of a series of entertaining yet enlightening videos directed towards his new rivals, former fellow NBA player Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

By way of some live streams, the South Carolina native had some colorful and extremely profane words for Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson after Arenas was a guest on the All The Smoke podcast.

It was a tough weekend for former NBA player Kwame Brown, this after he had a little run-in with the law. While driving in Georgia, the former number one pick was arrested for marijuana possession and had to be hauled in a special vehicle because he couldn’t fit inside the cop car.