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Black History Month

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Charlamagne Tha God decided to give his infamous “Donkey of the Day” award to himself.

On Monday (Mar 24), Charlamagne revealed his decision after explaining to listeners that the reason was due to him “going too far” when touching on the fellow South Carolina native, Kwame Brown’s, personal life; before adding that he was urged by mutual associates to publicly apologize to Brown.

“I’m sure I caused pain for not only Kwame Brown but for his family—‘specially, his family in my hometown of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. You know how I know? Because I spoke to a few of them,” he said around the clip’s 1:30 minute mark. “I was apologizing for triggering them.”

Charlemagne’s apology comes a few days after the former shock-jock turned mental health advocate attempted to cape for the ex-NBA hooper by sharing a little information about his background, revealing that Brown’s family has experienced trauma before accusing Brown’s father and brother of heinous crimes, noting that the family has a history of mental instability before adding the caution of “leave Kwame alone.”

As previously reported, early last week Kwame Brown had all the smoke for Stephen A. Smith, Matt Barnes, and Gilbert Arenas after catching wind of the shits each one had publicly made about him and his career.

Not taking kindly to the words from his former teammate and NBA colleagues, Brown went on a fiery series of rants and referred to Barnes as “Becky with the good hair” while speaking to Jackson and telling him to lay off the marijuana while also calling him a “fake” Black activist.

While it’s clear that the Breakfast Club veteran was not intentionally throwing shade, it was great to see him publicly apologize for inflicting harm in a seeming mudslinging for-profit business culture that unfortunately we are all guilty of both feeding and consuming.

Catch the replay of Charlamagne’s apology below.