Stephen A. Smith apologized to Rihanna for saying, "she ain't Beyoncé," in response to her performing the Super Bowl halftime show.

Now moving into the world of broadcasting, the former Duke University standout took on Stephen A. Smith after a debate over whether or not NBA players fear LeBron James the way they feared Michael Jordan.


Now with word that Max Kellerman is on his way out of the show and Stephen A. will be hosting new debate partners on a daily basis instead of straight up replacing Max with a longterm partner.

The ESPN personality came under fire for suggesting Asian MLB star Shohei Ohtani hire an interpreter when addressing the media but has since apologized for the insensitive remarks.

On Monday (Mar 24), Charlamagne revealed his decision after explaining to listeners that the reason was due to him "going too far" when touching on the fellow South Carolina native, Kwame Brown’s, personal life; before adding that he was urged by mutual associates to publicly apologize to Brown.

ESPN’s most spirited voice is about to take his talents to the big screen. Stephen A. Smith is working on a project to highlight some of our finest educational institutes.

Well, like they say, the truth hurts. Max's invite to the cookout as far as we're concerned is a lifetime one. As a matter of fact, we will gladly take Max Kellerman over Terry "Tap Dancing" Crews any day.

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t hold back his passion and delivery for anyone, especially when it comes to the likes of popular sports figures. The ESPN host called out Colin Kaepernick after the free-agent quarterback made a last-minute switch of his NFL workout, saying that Kap would rather be a “martyr” than a player.

Colin Kaepernick raised eyebrows, then quickly garnered support, for his NFL workout this weekend. Initially, it was thought he was sabotaging himself by moving the location of his workout, but it’s the NFL that’s looking extra funny in the light.

The hardest working man at ESPN just got rewarded mightily. The New York Post is reporting that Stephen A. Smith is now the highest-paid sportscaster at the Disney owned sports network.


For the past few years Stephen A. Smith’s been ESPN’s most popular and polarizing on air personality for a bevy of reasons but regardless of the hate he gets he was still able to secure a record bag to secure his spot at the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.