Police in the city will now investigate Gwalla's death as a homicide.

The images were removed by local activist King Rick and the Original Black Panthers group in Riverside Park.

After the video of the senseless murder of George, Floyd hit the web and viral sparking protests broke out in Minneapolis, the second video of a young man speaking passionately to a news reporter began to circulate with many attributing the clip to Minnesota--but the clip is actually three years older. The viral video that has been posted on various celebrities pages is actually footage from an interview given by Sedan Smith in 2017 after his older brother Sylville Smith was murdered by Milwaukee police.

Sandra Parks once penned a moving essay about gun violence in her hometown of Milwaukee and how the rising number of shooting incidents had an effect on people. The 13-year-old girl was hit with a stray bullet while in her bedroom, dying from the wound.

Josh Hader, a standout pitcher for the Milwaukee Bucks, was like many teenagers in recent times who used the Internet to express ignorant and often racist views. Over the weekend, Hader was given a standing ovation that could be interpreted as a pathway to forgiveness but for it to happen just days after racist tweets […]

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was reportedly violently arrested in the city back in January, and camera footage has confirmed that the player was unfairly arrested and tasered. The officers who approached Brown have been disciplined and are still employed by the force despite the jarring video that was recently released.

Sterling Brown, a player for the Milwaukee Bucks, was on the receiving end of city police tasing him back in January for what was originally reported as guard resisting arrest. After an internal investigation, charges have been dropped ahead of the release of body cam footage but Brown intends to sue according to his attorney.

Summerfest is set to make history with this year’s festival, announcing that over 100 headliners will be hitting the stage. Starting on June 27th, attendees will be able to experience 12 hours of music for 11 days straight with the festivities ending on July 8th. Performances will be held at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater […]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has become something of a firebrand as he continually makes rounds on political talk shows espousing his strong conservative views. Standing in stark contrast to Sheriff Clarke’s Uncle Ruckus routine is Milwaukee Police Department Chief Edward Flynn, who is a white liberal trying to make sense of the violence ravaging […]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has once more injected his controversial stances via a major media platform, this time blasting the recent protests and riots in Wisconsin. Sheriff Clarke, a frequent guest on the Fox News network, was back on air and blamed the riots on gays, single motherhood and “tribal behavior.”

The city of Milwaukee, Wisc. was beset by protests Saturday night (Aug. 13) after a police-involved shooting led the killing of one armed man according to reports by the authorities and the arrest of a second suspect. The 23-year-old man who was killed fled the scene of a traffic stop by Saturday afternoon and was […]

Chris Brown. Jason Kidd. Even the lovable Blake Griffin has added to the myth of the light-skinned Black dude having epic attitude problems. However, Matt Barnes might be the ringleader of this motley light-skint hothead crew after he nearly delivered a fade to another brother of the fairer hue, John Henson.