ari lennox

Fans on Twitter are sharing their appreciation for R&B songstress Ari Lennox and celebrating the release of her Away Message EP.

The decision was made after the Dreamville star returned from a trip to Ghana and the subsequent reactions from outside observers.

Amsterdam law enforcement applied pressure on Ari Lennox on Monday (Nov.29).

The beautiful Washington, D.C. native and Dreamville artist released a new track titled "Pressure" on Friday (September 10), and fans on Twitter are quite pleased with the results.


Ari Lennox talks about how proud she is of her debut album and music up to now, and hints that she'd be content with leaving music behind as she talks about working on her next project.

On Sunday (Apr 4), the "Medicine" singer took to Twitter to address the backlash over her decision to collaborate with Ari Lennox for their latest single, "Set Him Up," with many critics pointing out the perceived "hypocrisy" for speaking negatively about dark-skinned women, only to collaborate with one--Naija called it the naysayers stating that their hate "isn't stopping the blessings."

Today is the Washington, D.C. native's 30th birthday, and Twitter is going way up for her as it should.

The sultry Dreamville vocalist threw out a thirst trap right on time and Twitter is absolutely loving it.

Ari Lennox has never been a stranger to expressing how she feels on social media, but it’s these habits that she states is stunting her career.

Snoop Dogg is known as an OG in the streets. But Ari Lennox showed him that she isn’t one to be played with either after Uncle Snoop tried to offer up “advice” regarding her hair.