In a tweet made on Tuesday, Cardi B voiced her opinion about people who don't shower consistently. This was in response to celebrities like Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis admitting that they don't bathe their children regularly recently.

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Many were skeptical when word got out that former That ’70s Show actor Ashton Kutcher would play the role of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a forthcoming biopic. Today, we receive the first look at what to expect from Jobs via the official trailer.

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Ashton Kutcher took his trucker hat down from the rafters yesterday as he returned to Punk’d prior to the MTV Movie Awards last night. In this episode, Kutcher gets Drake  to nearly start tearing up in one of the most epic episodes of Punk’d ever. Sit back and watch this if you enjoy watching people get caught […]


What in the bloodclot could Ashton Kutcher (or his manager, friends…anyone with common sense really) could have possibly been thinking? Demi Moore’s ex played a Bollywood styled character in an ad for Popchips. The problem is Kutcher, a white guy, donned brown face for the role. Read the rest of the details about this exquisite fail over […]