Attorney general

While attending a Constitution Day celebration hosted by Hillsdale College, the attorney general compared his staff at the Justice Department to preschoolers among other choice bits.

New York Attorney General candidate Zephyr Teachout is playing to win in Thursday’s Democratic primary. Her strategy for last minute votes feels a bit desperate but maybe, just maybe, it’ll work.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration, took a public stance against President Donald Trump‘s so-called “Muslim Ban.” In a whirlwind set of events since Yates’ statement, Trump fired Yates Monday night (Jan. 30) and the reaction across social media has been robust.

News of any political announcement is inevitably going to divide opinions but Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General has spawned the ugly truth that racism is still thriving in the United States.

While it’s been only seven months since Eric Holder Jr. took office as U.S. Attorney General, he is making remarkable strides towards extending equal rights in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. In the forefront of his agenda, Holder plans to buck the systematic racial discrimination as it relates to voting rights, housing, employment and […]