Halloween has come and as expected celebrities did the most over the weekend. While not everyone got it right some clearly understood the assignment.

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On this day (June 26), the NFL took some serious L’s. First, Aaron Hernandez gets popped for a murder, then rookie Ausar Walcott gets charged with attempted murder. It got us thinking; that’s two more pics to be added to the annals of NFL mugshots.

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Y’all can keep fooling yourselves if you want, but Trinidad Jame$‘s rap skills are basic, at their absolute best. In fact, for most of this XXL Freshman freestyle, dude is not even rhyming. 

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Believe it or not, at one point in time there was no Hip-Hop Internets. Back  then, OG websites you might not remember, like or, elbowed their way into the Hip-Hop journalism game that was once caught in a firm headlock by outlets such as The Source, Rap Pages and XXL. However, the dot com […]