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On this day (June 26), the NFL took some serious L’s. First, Aaron Hernandez gets popped for a murder, then rookie Ausar Walcott gets charged with attempted murder. It got us thinking; that’s two more pics to be added to the annals of NFL mugshots.

We haven’t seen a Hernandez mugshot yet (it’s coming soon, surely). Walcott has one from today and from a couple of years back when he was at UVA (note: Wahoos do not approve of such behavior). These two dums dums have joined a large fraternity of pro football players who have strode across the wrong side of the law.

Hey, maybe some of these guys caught raw deals. But from the looks of their mugshots, we’re betting they have no one to blame for their struggle but their damn selves. Check out a plethora of ratchet NFL mugshots in the gallery.

Photos: Various police departments across the continental United States.

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