Pacman Jones


Either trouble has a habit of finding Adam “Pacman” Jones wherever he goes or he really does look for the drama because he stays getting into some ish.

Adam “Pacman” Jones might have earned some hood cred after delivering an exquisite and well-deserved fade inside ATL airport, but he’s undoing all that goodwill with a newly surfaced clip. The free agent cornerback told TMZ Sports that he’s no fan of the NFL National Anthem protests and wants them to find another way to […]

Don’t get Adam Pacman Jones f*cked up. Some guy at an airport got into a verbal altercation with the NFL player that turned physical—and well, Pacman has hands.

Pacman Jones has been one with the legal struggle at several instances over the course of his career, and the Cincinnati Bengals player had yet another run-in with the law earlier this month. Footage of Jones’ verbally berating a city police officer went public, and the player has since apologized for his outburst.

On this day (June 26), the NFL took some serious L’s. First, Aaron Hernandez gets popped for a murder, then rookie Ausar Walcott gets charged with attempted murder. It got us thinking; that’s two more pics to be added to the annals of NFL mugshots.

A pro athlete has likely been coddled since their talent at whatever sport they excel at was spotted as a kid. Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the fact that way too many grown men getting paid to plays a kid’s game have been in the news for putting their hands on women.

Adam “Pacman” Jones will have to pay up for his involvement in a 2007 strip club melee. As of Friday (June 15), the NFL star was ordered to shell out $11.6 million in damages to victims hurt during the altercation, that started as a fist fight and erupted in gun violence.