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Source: NASHVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 19: Adam “Pacman” Jones #32 of the Tennessee Titans participates in warm-ups before a game against the Baltimore Ravens on September 18, 2005 at the LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images)

Either trouble has a habit of finding Adam “Pacman” Jones wherever he goes or he really does look for the drama because he stays getting into some ish.

According to TMZ the NFL star found himself in handcuffs last week (February 27) when security accused him of cheating at a table game in the Rising Star Casino Resort in Indiana. His wife has now released a video she took after he was placed in cuffs and was being escorted out of the gaming area of the casino.

In the video we hear his wife going back and forth with security while Jones can be heard saying “Who said I was cheating? You said I was cheating?” before eventually calling one of the cops a “B*tch ass n*gga” to his face. Because that’s a surefire way to convince police to take the handcuffs off. SMH.

As for how they figured he was cheating, “authorities say Jones was adding chips to his stack after he knew the outcomes of the games … which is obviously illegal. 

Officials say the former Cincinnati Bengals star got aggressive — cussing out law enforcement and threatening to kill one of the responding law enforcement agents. 

Jones believes the video will show he was NOT out of control but rather restrained considering he was being taken into custody in front of his wife and other people who recognized him.

During the video, you can hear Pacman’s wife telling police that he had spent $20,000 at the casino that night — and there’s no reason he would have to cheat. 

Of course Pacman got hit with more than a few charges which he plans to fight in court.

We spoke with Pacman’s agent, Peter Schaffer, who tells us, “Adam was very controlled. We think the authorities overreacted, they love the attention … Adam showed great restraint.”

Pacman was eventually taken to a nearby station where he was booked. He’s since been hit with 8 criminal charges stemming from the incident … though we’ve now learned he’s pled not guilty and plans to fight the case. 

We’re not sure how much this video is going to help his case, but either way, good luck, bruh.

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