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Frank Ragin mugshot

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Don’t get Adam Pacman Jones f*cked up. Some guy at an airport got into a verbal altercation with the NFL player that turned physical—and well, Pacman has hands.

In footage of the incident, Pac Man is seen squaring up with that surely soon to be fired airport work. Despite the airport worker appearing to be taller and instigating the fight, Pacman managed to land a punch that dropped the bigger man. Worth mentioning, Pacman never was even able to take his backpack off before landing the knockout blow.

After a wild haymaker, Jones caught buddy with an overhand right, and it was game over.

The airport worker’s struggle only doubled down since he was forced to take a mugshot, while in a hospital bed.

The fade victim’s name is Frank Ragin and he was reportedly arrested for two counts of battery (he also hit Jones’ female companion).

Watch the footage below. Pacman, was not arrested. We also feel Ragin should be made to pay for the Popeyes chicken that got tossed prior to the fisticuffs.