deion sanders

Coach Deion Sanders will be leaving Jackson State University for the University of Colorado and drew criticism.

The Hall of Fame cornerback fired back at fellow head coach Nick Saban, shooting down rumors that a Jackson State player is raking in serious cash.


Deion Sanders had been struggling to get his foot to heal for months having required a scooter and wheelchair just to get around.

In what some viewed as a puzzling move, Coach Sanders invited Instagram model and influencer Brittany Renner to the team's locker room this week for a candid talk about life.

During a media day for the SWAC division, Sanders walked out of a press conference after a reporter used his first name twice and referenced University of Alabama coach Nick Saban in the process.

It seems one of the greatest talents ever to step onto a football field is taking his talents to the NCAA. Rumor has it Deion Sanders will be a head coach within a matter of days.

Pilar Sanders has definitely showed that you can’t keep a good woman down.

Deion Sanders is currently in a legal tussle with some moving companies he claims damaged some priceless items along with losing a whole grand piano.

Deion ‘PrimeTime’ Sanders accomplished a lot of the goals all professional athletes strive for. But at one point in his life, the two-sport star was in a very dark place and tried to end it all. A new ESPN 30 For 30 documentary will touch on Sanders’ almost succumbing to the pressures of fame.

On this day (June 26), the NFL took some serious L’s. First, Aaron Hernandez gets popped for a murder, then rookie Ausar Walcott gets charged with attempted murder. It got us thinking; that’s two more pics to be added to the annals of NFL mugshots.

If Hip-Hop had an award for most playalistic tunes, King Chip would definitely be a consistent nominee. Today, the Cleveland rapper makes another case for himself with a new track titled “Deion Sanders.”

Good news for Deion Sanders, his marriage to Pilar Sanders is over, and it didn’t cost him all his ends. The former NFL star was allowed to keep his fortune, despite Pilar’s attempts to fight their prenuptial agreement, on grounds that it parts of it was forged, and she was pressured into signing.