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Last Fall pro-football legend Deion Sanders had foot surgery to repair a lingering injury that he’d been dealing with for a while. But it wasn’t until recently that we learned just how serious things were for the NFL Hall of Famer.

According to TMZ, Sanders underwent a foot surgery to amputate two of his toes in order to fully recover from his previous procedure and in an emotional post shared the moment he saw his foot for the first time post-surgery for an upcoming episode to Coach Prime.

In the caption to the post, Coach Sanders warned viewers that the video wasn’t a “pretty sight” before pouring his heart out writing “I may have lost a couple soldiers in the battle but I never lost my faith in God! I endured a lot while I was in the hospital during our historic season but I am so thankful for GOD being there to help pull me through. I am so thankful for those who sent messages of faith and those who visited me during this troubling time.”

Deion Sanders had been struggling to get his foot to heal for months having required a scooter and wheelchair just to get around. Ultimately he ended up going through multiple surgeries before finally having to take that last step.

“The former Dallas Cowboys cornerback said he ultimately required 8 surgeries to try to get the foot right … and it’s clear, one of those procedures included cutting off two digits from his left foot.”

Having his big toe and second toe removed from his left foot must’ve been a ton to take in at the moment, but the man is all heart so y’all know he’ll be back to being Prime Time Coach in no time.

Coach Sanders gets more into the complications of the foot surgeries he’s suffered through in the next episode to Coach Prime on Barstool’s YouTube page at 5 PM PT. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comments section below.