The son of Wisconsin Republican Senatorial candidate, Tommy Thompson may have thrown a wrench in his father’s campaign over distasteful comments about President Obama, but now he’s apologizing. According to Thompson’s campaign, Jason Thompson, apologizes for quipping that this year’s election is an opportunity to permanently remove Obama from Washington D.C. “We have the opportunity […]

Mitt Romney unearthed the “birther debate” surrounding President Obama’s citizenship Friday (Aug. 24). The presidential hopeful hit Detroit alongside running mate, Paul Ryan, and joked that his birthplace has never been questioned stating, “no one’s sever asked to see my birth certificate.” With heavy attention placed on his tax records, Romney took the shot at […]

Donald Trump may have temporarily put his “birther” attack on President Obama on hold, but an Arizona sheriff has emerged to pick up the slack. Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference Tuesday (July 17) to announce that there is probable cause driving him to believe that the president is not an American. […]

Donald Trump, and his struggle hair, continues to foolishly question whether or not President Obama was born in America, but he insists that he’s not racist. When questioned about being discriminatory at a GOP convention Saturday (June 2), Trump reminded critics that a Black man (Arsenio Hall) won the latest installment of his Celebrity Apprentice competition. 

Donald Trump is still questioning President Obama’s citizenship. The real estate tycoon’s short-lived bid  to become president was never taken seriously by the American public, and now Trump is drumming up more un-needed personal attention by blasting the commander in chief.  “I’ve never really changed. Nothing’s changed my mind,” he told CBS News.